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April 1, 2014

Commissioners award bid for road asphalt services


Rogers County Commissioners awarded a bid for asphalt services to Tulsa Asphalt during Monday’s meeting. 
The company will provide asphalt production and laying services for county roads for the next three months, said District 3 Commissioner Kirt Thacker.
Thacker made the motion to award the Tulsa Asphalt bid of $50.43 per ton and $4,500 per day for milling. The motion was seconded by District 2 Commissioner Mike Helm, before being approved. Commissioner Dan DeLozier was not at the meeting.
Thacker said state auditors have been recommending that county purchasers accept the bid that is closest to the average of all bids submitted, rather than accepting the lowest bid.
According to the low bid method, the firm submitting the lowest bid receives the right to the contract. 
When the number of bidders is large, as is the case in a slow ecoonomy, an owner runs an unrealistically low price. A contractor cannot perform at the set price, and expect to complete the project according to plans and also make a reasonable profit.  This often results in excessive claims and disputes during construction that lead to schedule delays, compromises in quality and increased costs, according to Tim Grogan, senior economics editor for Engineering News Record magazine.
Commissioners sent out a total of 15 bids for the asphalt services. Five bids were received and two were returned undeliverable.
Thacker said the Asphalt Tulsa bid was the lowest, however, the other four were near the same price range. 
“In this case, we accepted the lowest bid. If we find that a company is not performing as they should, we would make record in a meeting that the company did not perform,” said Thacker. “Depending on the situation, a lawsuit may even be filed against the company.”
He said the asphalt will be used as needed for county road building and/or repair. 
Bids are placed in advance of need. Commissioners have not yet determined when and where the asphalt will be used.

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