ACK Esthetics opening to meet Claremore’s beauty and sef-care needs

Alyssa Kennedy is opening ACK Esthetics at 312 W. Will Rogers Blvd.

As a wife and a mother, Alyssa Kennedy truly understands the value of self-care. It’s part of why she became an esthician 13 years ago.

“When you’re a mom and a wife, well, in my life, I need to take time away for myself, to help myself on the inside feel beautiful,” Kennedy said. “Self-care helps alleviate anxiety, it helps alleviate stress, it helps dealing with daily life sometimes. It’s a time to just get away and not have to worry about anything.”

Originally from Naples, Florida, Kennedy and her family moved to Claremore in 2018.

Shortly thereafter, she realized Claremore had a serious need.

“A lot of people told me they travel to Tulsa or Owasso to get their services done,” Kenneedy said, adding that in many cases they end up paying the kind of service charges that big-city salons charge.

In Florida, Kennedy used to travel to her clients homes for work. Creating her own business in Claremore, she wanted to offer the community a brick-and- mortar spa. Somewhere they could physically get away from their troubles and be pampered by professional hands.

“I wanted to make a studio just for esthetics. We’re not doing hair, we’re not doing nails, we’re just focusing on skin care, waxing, lashes, chemical peels, tinting, brow henna, all that kind of stuff,” Kennedy said. “Claremore didn’t have a spot just focusing on that, and that’s what I wanted to offer.”

“If we’re in Claremore, people from Foyil, from Chelsea, from Inola, from Pryor, they don’t have to drive a whole hour and a half just to self-care,” she said

While many local salons offer occasional skin care and waxing treatments, Kennedy said ACK is the first business in Claremore to specialize in a variety of esthetic treatments, hiring professionals who have dedicated their beauty careers to the field of skin care.

Kennedy is joined by three other trained estheticians who will see clients Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m for walk-ins, and by appointment for other times.

ACK Esthetics is unique in that each esthetician sets their own hours.

“I’m a mom, and sometimes when you have kids there are things that are just like, I have to make it. I have to be there. And usually, with a conventional job, you miss a lot,” Kennedy said. “I missed a lot of my son’s life growing up, because I had to work so much. I had multiple jobs when I was younger, and I missed a lot.”

“Family is super important to me, so I want to be able to give that opportunity to the girls that are working there as well, that they can be able to stop their work for their family and not feel pressured,” Kennedy said.

The goal of ACK Esthetics, currently moving into the old Farmhous location on Main Street, is to help people achieve their beauty goals without breaking the bank.

In addition to high quality products and a specially trained and licensed staff of esthiticians, Kennedy said, “When you come to us you’re getting great service, a great environment, and we’re not pressuring our clients into anything.”

“It’s a time to get away, enjoy yourself, and get pampered while you’re doing it,” Kennedy said. “You’re not going to break the bank, and you’re going to get a great service.”

Kennedy emphasized that taking care of someone’s physical needs and making them feel beautiful helps meet their inner emotional needs as well.

ACK is still under construction, but is set to open around the end of July.

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