After Christmas ‘Movie Night at the Museum’

It was “Business and Pleasure” when Earl Tinker, Oklahoma razor blade king, and his family were on their way to Syria to buy the secret of Damascus steel. Will Rogers starred as the businessman in the 1931 movie by that name.

Take a break from the bustle of the Christmas holiday and settle in for the movie, which co-stars Joel McCrea, showing Friday, Dec. 27, in the Will Rogers Memorial Museum Theatre. Doors open at 6:30, the movie begins at 7. Admission is free and there will be free popcorn and drinks, compliments of Bank of Commerce.

Enthusiasm of movie guests during the Thanksgiving holiday encouraged the Christmas holiday scheduling, said Tad Jones, Museum executive director. It will provide a change of pace from the holidays and also a place to bring visiting guests to enjoy Will’s movies.

It was while crossing the Atlantic that Will’s daughter met playwright, Lawrence Ogle, played by McCrea, starting a budding romance. The plot thickens when Madame Momora schemes her way into Earl’s good graces — and the family comes nearer to being executed by Damascus steel than obtaining the manufacturing secret.

But the clever Oklahoman disguises himself, tricks the devious Madame and exposes her to the desert Sheik, played by Boris Karloff.

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