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Aladdin and Thrivent groups for January 2014 include: Mary Jo Rostek, back from left, Marcella Brasel, Kathy Fletcher, Janelle Brammer, Bonnie Schulze, Dana Craigie, Mary Ann Spangler, Elaine Curtis, Beth Young, Mary Portwood, President Irene Harris, Sally Scott, Pat Pixley and Janice Wallis. Jean Sykes, front from left, Judy Wilber, Cindy Tanner, Barbara Stafira, Janette Parker and Caroline Shaffer.

Traci Cain, Claremore Meals on Wheels (MOW) President, reported to representatives of Aladdin Club at its January Meeting held at the home of Mrs. Patricia Pixley.  Aladdin Club is a dedicated supporter of MOW and Thrivent committed to match a portion of Aladdin Club ‘s contribution to MOW.  
Aladdin Club started in 1947 and supports a number of local organizations.  MOW appreciates being one of them.
Thrivent is a financial arm of the Lutheran church and members must provide designated services as qualifications to make available matching funds.  In the attached photo, Rostek, Brasel, Fletcher, Schulze and Sykes (and Pat Suter, not shown) helped Thrivent to qualify for matching funds
MOW is a United Way (UW) Agency and as such receives significant support from UW.  MOW and its home-bound clients are very fortunate to receive support from many organizations, churches and individuals. Cain reported that for 2013, several organizations contributed special funds so that several critical improvements could be made.  For example, the prime 10 burner/double oven had failed along with the microwave, large refrigerator and water cooler.   Pan washing sinks were inadequate and a new triple sink sanitizing station was installed.  Members of the Claremore Woodworkers group including Roger Anthony, Johnny Jones and Harry Prescott volunteered their time and resources for this installation 
These improvements would not have been possible without having received three grants for which MOW applied.  And the grants would not have been received without existing local support.   All this is to say that whether the contributions are one or two dollars or hundreds, MOW is able to serve more than 10,000 meals a year.  
Cain told of the many stages involved in supplying meals and compared them to the multitude of steps required to make a “lead” pencil.  Shut-in clients are aware of the person who delivers a meal to them, but not the thousands of people in the “pipeline.”   The pencil story is rather neat for one who has not heard about it and she provided an internet link to the story that was provided by Dr. Larry Arrn, President of Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI.  
The pencil story is at and Dr. Arrn’s free on-line economic class introduction at
She also identified current needs at MOW for a PC and Printer, Freezer, Internet Connection, A/C Unit and financing for the installation of a Walk-In Cooler donated by a local manufacturer.
A Food Handling class will be conducted by Mr. Larry Tate of the R.C. Health Dept. at the MOW office, 715 McClellan, Wednesday, January 22 at 1:00 PM.  There will be no cost for MOW volunteers.
MOW continues to have opportunities for those interested in serving as a cook, cook’s helper, driver or office helpers.  MOW has no paid staff.  All involved are volunteers.  If you are interested in a rewarding volunteer position, please call Traci Cain, (918) 729-4511 or John Tripp, (918) 341-5376 or Jack Weyler, (918) 697-6265.

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