“Ambassador Bill” playing at Movie Night at the Museum

Ambassor Bill--Fox Released November 13, 1931, Roxy Theatre, New York City In his September 13, 1931 syndicated column, Will Rogers penned one of his more memorable lines concerning movie-making: "If you have lost anybody anywhere in the world, and don't know where they are, they are in Hollywood, trying to get in the movies."

Bill Harper, newly appointed ambassador to Sylvania, somewhere in Europe, finds himself in trouble when he arrives at his post. “Ambassador Bill,” starring Will Rogers, was released in 1931 and will be showing Friday, Jan. 31, for Movie Night at the Museum.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., the movie starts at 7. Admission is free and popcorn and drinks are compliments of Bank of Commerce.

Will-like, the ambassador is out of his element, innocent of any court etiquette when he finds the king of Sylvania is a fugitive and his very young son has been crowned. Well, actually the power is in the hands of an evil prince.

Again, Will-like, he makes friends with the boy king. He gives him a pair of chaps, teaches him roping and even baseball (two of Will’s favorites in real-life). Ambassador Bill has frequent run-ins with embassy staff and a pompous U.S. Senator who is visiting on a “governmental junket.”

An exciting highlight is when the Ambassador and Senator are handcuffed together and when help comes it is a very drunk man swinging an ax.

A New York Times review credits the script writer with the movie’s humor, but gives Will credit for the laughable lines he, as usual, made up on the spur of the moment.

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