CASA Volunteer of the Month – Dana and Kathy Crow

Each month, Child Advocates of Northeast Oklahoma (CANO) celebrates the advocacy of one of our CASA volunteers. This month, we have the unique opportunity to celebrate the service of Dana and Kathy Crow. Dana and Kathy serve alongside one another as volunteer advocates in Ottawa County.

The Crows have spent their entire lives dedicated to improving the lives of children. Dana was a teacher for 40 years while Kathy has been in the community mental health field for 38 years. They both have an obvious love and passion for working with children, improving their lives, and leading them towards successful lives.

Serving as a CASA volunteer is no walk in the park. In one case the Crows have served on, the children were scattered across the state, some being an hour and a half away. Allocating time to visit each child has been the biggest hurdle in their volunteering. And yet, their efforts are well worth it.

The Crows have seen the fruit of their labor as the children are in the process of reuniting with their mother. In fact, that has been the biggest reward they have experienced. When children go back to their parents and into a safe, loving home, there can be no better outcome.

When asked what they would tell someone considering becoming a CASA volunteer the Crows said, “You can’t find a more rewarding endeavor.” We couldn’t agree more.

The work of a CASA is difficult, but changing the trajectory of a child’s life and story is well worth the effort. As an organization, we are lucky to have faithful volunteers like the Crows serving the precious children in our community.

Child Advocates of Northeast Oklahoma needs more extraordinary volunteers, like the Crows, who are willing to serve the most vulnerable children in our community. Like the Crows, you could volunteer alongside your spouse or you could serve individually. The important thing is to serve. If you are inspired by their story and want to learn more, do not hesitate to call our office at 918-923-7276. There are new volunteer trainings throughout the year so you can start immediately.

Child Advocates of Northeast Oklahoma/CASA

Child Advocates of Northeastern Oklahoma is a CASA agency that recruits, trains, and supports community volunteers to be the “voice” for abused and neglected children in the judicial system.

With offices in Claremore and Miami, the organization supports CASA volunteers in five counties in northeastern Oklahoma – Rogers, Mayes, Craig, Ottawa, and Delaware Counties. The agency also serves the courts of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma.

Child Advocates of Northeastern Oklahoma is a member agency of the Ottawa County United Way.

People interested in learning more about CASA can find information about on the agency’s website: To support the work of our CASA volunteers, go to and click on the “donate” button.