Christmas lights

Decking the halls can be dangerous.

Claremore Fire Department has a few safety tips to get through the holiday season mishap free.

Claremore Fire Chief Sean Douglas said space heaters can pose a particular problem this time of year.

“As it starts to get cold, people will want to make sure they keep space heaters away from combustibles, and don’t leave them unattended,” he said. “And don’t plug them into extension cords.”

He said CFD runs on multiple space heater-related fires every year.

Nationally, these fires cause several deaths every year.

With other heat, fuel-based heaters, he says ensure the space has adequate ventilation and the heater is being used per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Once a cold front moves in, Douglas said many people use an oven to try to heat a space—”And that’s not a good idea.”

“When it comes to Christmas trees,” he said. “If you use a live tree, make sure to keep it watered. Keep flammable things away from them. Live trees are very hazardous, especially if they dry out.”

Most decorations, like garland, he said, should be kept away from any heat source or candle.

He urges caution when it comes to extension cords and advises against over-loading outlets.

“Don’t run extension cords under carpets or rugs for those temporary displays,” he said. “Any electrical equipment that doesn’t appear to be in good working condition think about replacing it or repairing it before use.”

Douglas added, “When people start using chimneys and wood heat, be sure to have someone check it out first.”