City, Habitat for Humanity win in real estate agreement

It's fortuitous timing for both the city and Habitat for Humanity.

City leaders said a recently-approved real estate agreement is mutually beneficial for both the city and the local organization.

"This real estate agreement before you is something that I've worked with Habitat on over the past several months. They have owned the lot for several years. It's along Robin Road where we recently purchased three of the four that were part of our hazard mitigation," explained Jill Ferenc, adding that the city currently owns all the lots on the south side of the road.

"With the lower level of the land, being in the floodplain, it's not a developable piece of property. We recommend purchasing it from Habitat for Humanity," she said. "They are active starting to build a house right now at a different location. This is something that would help the organization but would also further the needs we have in that area. It could be used for park space in the future potentially."

She said the purchase price came in at $18,000.

"This is a floodplain area. We're taking that whole block back," said Mayor Bill Flanagan. "The timing is excellent for us and it's good for them, too."