Claremore cans July 4 festivities

After much deliberation, city leaders have decided to cancel the July 4 festivities this year.

"There has been a considerable amount of discussion the last few weeks as it relates to our July 4 activity," said City Manager Jim Thomas.

For years the city has hosted a fishing derby followed by a fireworks display.

"It's been a tough decision but we have decided to cancel that event for a number of reasons. As many of you remember we just passed a budget that eliminated seven full time positions and froze five vacancies. Between that, trying to get volunteers to help put this program on, and some of the challenges still surrounding COVID-19 and other activities going on in the area we're going to join a number of communities and just not have our July 4 celebration at the lake as an organized activity," he said.

He said the lake will still be open, for people who want to have a picnic or spend time on the water.

Thomas emphasized that in canceling the event, the city is not out any money.

"I know it's a wise decision but it's kind of a disappointment," said council member Susan Kirtley.

"It wasn't an easy decision…we just felt it was in the best interest of the public in terms of public safety. This was the first time in 74 years the rodeo was canceled, this has just been a tough year," Thomas said.

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