Claremore Day

There are countless things that make Claremore the town it is today. Every year the history, the community, the vibranc of Claremore is showcased at the state capitol during the longstanding tradition of Claremore Day at the Capitol.

Business and community leaders make their way to the capitol to showcase the best of what the town has to offer—which is put on display for legislators, capitol staff, visitors, and school groups.

“To me Claremore Day at the Capitol is an opportunity to demonstrate to legislators and state elected officials the sophistication in industry Claremore has. With global manufacturers in both energy and aerospace such as Baker Hughes, AXH Aircoolers, HydroHoist, Bel-Gas, Pryer Aero, MST Manufavturing and more. Those industry partners accompanied with our premier Public School systems, Rogers State University, Northeast Tech and fiscally sound local and county government make Claremore and Rogers County an influential presence in the state's economy,” said Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority Executive Director John Feary.

“In 2018 Claremore Day at the Capitol had the most number of attendees in its history. Both small and large businesses were represented as was our incredible historical partners and educators. We had lunch in the famous Blue Room with Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb as our guest and we heard from a number of legislators representing districts from across the state.”

He said the opportunity is an important one for Claremore as he believes the town has been, and will continue to grow and be a beacon for growth to rural communities.

Feary added, “I want to continue to showcase our community to not only statewide elected officials for the purpose of demonstrating our impact on the state's economy but I also want our own citizens and local businesses to understand and appreciate the gem that Claremore truly is and how much more I believe we will accomplish.”

State Rep. Mark Lepak eagerly welcomes his hometown to the capitol halls during this event.

“It's important for our community on a number of levels.  We have a couple of significant state budget appropriations related to our museums, Rogers State University, and some other things unique to Claremore, but also some one-time funding requests, and presence matters in the relationship business of politics.  It is also important for Claremore to show off what we have to offer to those who might not know much about us, whether it be legislators from across the state or our Governor, but also for those who might just happen to be at the capitol that day,” Lepak said.

“Commerce, tourism, branding, all come into play.  And it is a great thing that our people make such a positive impression on a personal level-- that matters so much.  Finally, there is another component, and that is our competition from around the state, who are all there for the same reasons.  Entities from both northwest and southwest Oklahoma have their days, but they tend to be more of a collaborative, regional approach. 

He said Claremore Day is unique, and always well received. 

“We have great ambassadors who do a bang up job,” he said. “ And, of course, no one down there can resist the food and pie Bill Biard and his team at Hammett House provide.”

"I have been told by many of the legislative assistants that

Claremore Day is one of the days that everyone in the state capitol looks forward to,"  said Wayne McCombs, Executive Director of the J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum, who has been attending the event with the museum’s indoor Daisy BB gun range in tow for years.

"They see all of the groups that set up exhibits and displays and  tell me Claremore Day is  one of the largest and with a wide range of businesses and community non-profits that attend. The sample products from Swan's Dairy and the pies from Hammett House have something to do with Claremore's popularity, too!"

Claremore Main Street Executive Director Jacob Garrison said Claremore Day is a great opportunity for those who love Claremore to share the great things about the town’s past and bright future.

“Our entire community has a strong love for our historic downtown,” he said, adding that he’s excited to see the historic district showcased. “Our downtown is the core of our entire community. We keep striving to preserve our rich history, as well as pushing it forward to new levels of growth.”

“Claremore’s Day at the Capitol is our yearly advocacy trip to Oklahoma City. We believe this is an opportunity for Claremore to showcase our City and our dynamic community to elected leaders. Participants have an opportunity to meet face-to-face with our legislators to discuss important issues such as transportation, economic development, and even municipal funding mechanisms,” said Claremore City Manager Jim Thomas. “We know our time spent at the Capitol is impactful - three years ago, we had an opportunity to sit down with the Department of Transportation, the Turnpike Authority, Senator Quinn and Representative Lepak to discuss the importance of the State Highway 20 interchange. We were able to successfully convey the impact this capital investment will have on our city and our county.”

Thomas added, “This activity is not the norm for communities our size, we are a leader in promoting the City of Claremore and the businesses with the legislature.

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