Brody Howard, a Claremore 5-year-old, may have been sleepy when he showed up to the Claremore Fire Department in a firetruck red ‘To the Rescue’ t-shirt for his birthday party, Saturday.

But he woke up quickly along the tour.

Firefighters Jordan Madole, Dwaine Harris, Robert Casey and Darrell Wilson gave a tour around the building and in the garage, showing Brody and his family the day-to-day for a Claremore firefighter.

They explained how the crews work in 24-hour rotating shifts and showed the children where they eat, sleep, workout and watch football in their down time.

Brody, who wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, said his favorite part was climbing in the fire truck and seeing how all the part worked.

Pam Rezaee, Brody’s grandmother, said “It’s good for the community to see how the fire department is willing to educate kids at a young age about safety and what they do.”

One of the firefighters said “It’s fun seeing the kids’ excitement and enthusiasm.”

Another firefighter said, “Normally when we see people it is on the worst day of their lives. It’s nice to have an interaction without a crisis going on.”

“Most of us got into this job to help people,” they said. “We love our jobs, and we love getting to show off what we do.”