Claremore Public School teachers are getting into the holiday spirit.

One of those teachers dressed up as the lovable character Elf on the Shelf, and has been spotted all over Claremore Public Schools, spreading holiday cheer.

Poem 1:

I’m here!!

Your elf on the shelf is finally here

To sprinkle some fun and holiday cheer

I can not wait to travel around

And visit other elves that are hanging around

Less than 3 weeks till the big guy will arrive

I see you teachers just trying to survive

When I get back I'll make sure he will know

The NICE list is where ALL teachers should go!!!

I checked in and started to look around

The office staff were no where to be found...

So on through the school I will travel each day

Look out, I'm coming, I'm headed your way!!!!

Poem 2:

I found my way on down the hall

To second grade rooms but I had a quick fall

Right into Mrs. Beasley's large craft trash can

With a little assistance, I got out and ran

Right over to McCracken's room real fast

To find her elf upside down on a mast

After the blood went back down to my toes

I went to check Casey's elf's pose

He was last minute shopping for Christmas toys

So I got his prime password and got gifts for my boys

Bennett had lots of books on her shelf

So I cleared them cause duh this shelf needed an elf

Can't wait to come back tomorrow and play

In the gym, I got air and tried a dunk shot

But into the net, my finger got caught

In music, I joined the choir in song

Singing my fav. I could go all day long

Bonham and Hanson had the best spot

To relax and unwind... I've been working a lot

Can't wait to get back to the big guy and say

All the great things I have seen today!

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