Katherine Myers knows the real meaning of “flower power.”

Her 13-acre spread in north Claremore could easily be mistaken for an outdoor greenhouse, as Myers’ amateur floriculturing efforts took seed and, like the flowers themselves, bloomed and grown exponentially to the point that her home draws visitors to what they’ve heard to be called “Lily Hill.”

“Lily Hill was something that someone once called (Myers’ property) because of all the lilies, obviously, and the nickname kind of stuck,” she said.

“Lily Hill” didn’t earn its name overnight however, as it took decades of hard work from Myers to make her property the colorful sight it is today.

“When we first moved here — I’m going to say ...1972 — it didn’t look anything like it does today — it was pretty much a jungle,” Myers said, “but you start mowing and weeding and little by little, you clear the land and it becomes something you can work with.”

Despite its name, Myers said she didn’t plant her first lily until just over 20 years ago.

“(Husband) Jack and I had gone to a garden market, and I’d seen some stellalilies (Stella de Oro daylilies), but I had been wanting some pink lilies,” she said. “I went up to one of the vendors and started asking him questions about lilies and I was hooked from there.”

As to the variety of lilies on Myers’ property, she said she “honestly doesn’t know,” although she has had the occasional misfortune in getting some of her plants to take root.

“I don’t have any stargazer lilies — I had one one time, and it just didn’t like me,” she said.

As to which flowers — lilies in particular — are her favorite, Myers has mixed opinions.

“I prefer daylilies for landscaping, although they don’t really make a good cut flower,” she said. “Some (lilies) are beautiful outside, but you can’t take them inside because of the smell — it’s lovely but inside a house, the scent is just too strong.”

Myers’ home has been featured on garden tours in the past, but today, visitors can come view her acres of flowers by contacting her on her Lily Hill Facebook page.

“One time, we had a group of ladies just show up, not sure if they were in the right place or not,” she recalled. “One of the women asked if this was Lily Hill. She looked around and after a moment said ‘Well, if it’s not, it SHOULD be’.”

Myers lives with her husband Jack Myers, both of whom are retired from education, on the family home in Claremore.

Myers’ home, aka Lily Hill, is west of SH66 on 430 Road north of Claremore by Kong’s Korner.