Jimmie Nelloms

Rubber-banded bundles of cash totaling $51,980 was found in a felony traffic stop in Rogers County.

Court records show felony charges of acquiring proceeds from drug activity have been filed against Jimmie Nelloms, 60, Dayton, Ohio.

Rogers County Sheriff's Office reports stopping the vehicle after seeing it swerving from lane to lane at the Hwy. 66 off-ramp.

"Nelloms said he was looking at his GPS, was confused and tired, and that was the reason for the swerving," the deputy reported. "He advised me that he was a general contractor traveling from Dayton, Ohio to Sacramento, California to do a job. He stated he has been there before, and does work for a guy on a regular basis. He later recanted and stated he had never been to Sacramento before."

The deputy reports asking Nelloms why, if he was headed to a job, he was traveling without any tools.

"Nelloms stated, 'I'll just use the guy's tools.' His nervousness level increased throughout the stop, rather than decrease," the deputy reported.

When asked about the large amounts of U.S currency in the vehicle, Nelloms reportedly became agitated, bordering on angry.

A positive alert to the odor of narcotics in the vehicle prompted deputies to conduct a search of the vehicle.

"Deputy Webb located aftermarket constructed compartments in the seat backs of the front row seats. Both compartments contained rubber banded bundles of U.S. currency, sealed in vacuum sealed bags," records show.

At the jail, Nelloms allegedly told deputies he had approximately $28,000 in the bags in the seat.

"The actual count was $51,980 that I seized," the deputy reported. "This is common in the drug trafficking trade, for the 'mule' to not be aware of how much he or she is transporting."

Nelloms was booked into the Rogers County Jail and is being held on a $10,000 bond.