Kim Eggleston shared this photo of a bear outside her home. 

Parents looking for something to do with kids who are out of school for at least another two weeks may be happy to learn about a new outdoor activity, likely occurring right next door.

The almost 30 year old children’s story, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, has become a viral pastime for parents and children exploring their neighborhood.

In the book, three children and their parents and the family dog face their fears and trek through tall grass, swim across a river, slosh through mud, hike through a forest, fight their way through a snowstorm, and tiptoe through a cave in order to find a bear.

In real life, the bear hunt should be much easier, as many stuffed bears are currently waiting in windows to be found.

In Claremore, there are reported bear sightings in the South Pointe, Hunter’s Trail, Cedar Springs and Chamber’s Trail neighborhoods.

In Verdigris, bears have been reported in the Spunky Creek, Dixie Estates, Cottonwood and Bridgeport neighborhoods.

Some businesses are also taking part, like Mom and Pop’s Ceramic Shoppe in Claremore, which had a large ceramic bear in the window.

“We found 44 bears today! My boys loved this! Thank you all for doing this!” said Kim Eggleston.

Tiffani Brito said, “We took our 4-year-old daughter out in Westwood Estates and had so much fun finding the many different bears. Thank you all so much for giving us such a fun activity to do today. We have a bear in our window now too on Parkwood Drive.”

All you have to do in order to participate is place a stuffed animal in your window. Sock monkeys, Olaf plushies, and Raggedy Anne and Andy count too.

For those who don’t have access to the children’s book, there are multiple readings of it available on YouTube, including one read by the author.

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