The Rogers County OSU Extension Center is hosting a home food preservation workshop on Thursday, Aug. 22, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Rogers County Building, 416 S. Brady.

The cost per participant is $25.00.

Home canning has changed greatly in the 180 years since it was introduced as a way to preserve food. Scientists have found ways to produce safer, higher quality products. Learning safe preservation techniques can be rewarding. Preserving favorite and special products to be enjoyed by family and friends can be a fulfilling experience and a source of pride for many people.

.King says that this class is a wonderful opportunity for persons planning to preserve food at home for the first time. “Having the opportunity to see it being done, as well as actual hands-on food preservation may help individuals make decisions about whether home canning is something they want to do.”

The workshop is also a great update for those who may have done food preservation in the past. Canning guidelines have undergone changes and this is a good way to get the most up-to-date research-based information. Many of the home canning recipes and procedures handed down from relatives are no longer safe. Changes in varieties of fruits and vegetables themselves have made these updates necessary.

All participants will receive the newest version of the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning. Participants will be doing hands-on food preservation during the workshop.

This is also a great opportunity to have the gauges tested and the rubber gasket evaluated on your pressure canner. Participants may bring their pressure canner lids to have them checked during the day.

Canners should be checked each year at the beginning of the food preservation season. Having the correct pressure is important in preserving low-acid foods which are safe, good tasting, and nutritious.

There has been increased interest in home food preservation. Many families are doing more gardening and need ways to preserve the “fruits of their labors.” Others are concerned about where and how the foods they are consuming have been produced.

Home canning is a good way to preserve many vitamins from fruits and vegetables that are lost within a few days of harvest. Nearly half the vitamins may be lost within a few days unless the fresh produce is cooled or preserved.

Items to bring: 1 qt saucepan, medium bowl, cutting board or mat, paring knife, vegetable peeler, rubber spatula, liquid measuring cup, hot pads and apron optional.

In addition, wear closed toed comfortable shoes and bring sack lunch.

Class size is limited. To enroll in this food preservation workshop, please either contact the OSU Extension Office at 918-923-4958, come by the office at 200 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd.-Rogers County Courthouse (located On the 2nd floor) or email Penny King, OSU Extension Educator, will be glad to answer questions you may have about the class.