Know Your Neighbor: Josh Brown

Josh Brown wrangles a load of carts from the parking lot while sending up prayers for the customers going in and out of the store.

The southern gospel singing, cart wrangling cowboy Josh Brown has been making shoppers smile for 15 years at Reasor’s Foods in Claremore.

Brown considers his work at Reasor’s a calling from God, and his personal ministry, as he interacts with customers and prays for them each day.

Brown was born and raised in Claremore, attending church each week in Catoosa with his parents and helping his grandfather on the farm.

“My grandpa was a faithful person. He always read the Bible,” Brown said. “He taught me to drive a truck and a tractor, and how to bail hay. He taught me how to fish.”

Growing up he also enjoyed going shopping with his parents here in town, at stores that are no longer around. At church and in school, he used to sing in the choir.

He stills go shopping and out to eat with his parents on a regular basis, and enjoys mowing the yard on Fridays.

But the passion that drives him is being at work, and helping people.

As a young adult, Brown worked briefly for Walmart and Warehouse Market. When he was out of a job he was set on going into the Air Force when he got a call from Reasor’s that he was hired.

His father took it as a sign, and Brown agreed, “It was God’s will for me to be here.”

While physically speaking, the job is just about getting carts from the parking lot and putting them back in the store, Brown uses it as an opportunity to pray for every customer who walks by for their protection.

He said his calling is “to be a light onto everyone.”

Each morning, on his way to work, Brown prays for his coworkers and his customers, and throughout the workday he sings southern gospel songs to himself and the customers within earshot. Alongside the old gospel hymns, songs by Chris LeDoux, George Strait, Randy Travis, Josh Turner and Sheri Easter are mixed in with Josh Brown originals.

“It seems like, for a lot of customers, it uplifts them,” Brown said.

The songs, the prayers, the ability to help people every day, Brown said it fills him with a “supernatural joy,” the kind of joy you can’t help but spread to everyone around you.

“I love God,” Brown said. “His love surrounds me, his compassion for people. I just try to do what he would do.”

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