Know Your Neighbor: Kassie McCoy

About being an Associate District Judge, Cassie McCoy says, “You can see someone make a difference, make a change in the direction of their lives.”

Raised by a single mother on a farm near Miami, Oklahoma, Kassie McCoy learned the values of compassion, hard work and finding the little joys in life, like a breath of fresh air.

In high school, McCoy was a basketball star who also ran track and played tennis. During her senior year she set the second-highest record for baskets scored in a single game on the same night she was crowned Homecoming Queen.

On a trip to play against Claremore, McCoy recalled telling her family, “I will, some day, live in Claremore.”

McCoy went to a small college in Missouri on a basketball scholarship before transferring to Oklahoma State University where she got her undergraduate degree in political science.

She worked on a handful of political campaigns after college, including one with former state senator Sean Burrage.

“I fell in love with Claremore while I was here, working on his campaign,” McCoy said.

During her time in Claremore she made a connection at the law firm Taylor Foster Mallett Downs Ramsey and Russell, who promised her a job if she got her law degree and passed the bar exam. McCoy graduated from the Oklahoma City University of Law and got the job, making the permanent move to her chosen hometown.

After a few years she ran for office and was elected Associate District Judge for District 12

“I’d always known that I wanted to be a judge, so having the opportunity to do that and then being successful at running was a huge accomplishment for me,” McCoy said. “It’s a job that I am very passionate about, and now I have the felony docket, where I feel I am able to help these folks.”

For McCoy, the job is a calling that allows her to have an impact on the world.

“You can see someone make a difference, make a change in the direction of their lives,” McCoy said. “Some of these folks find themselves in a bad place, and you’re able to watch them get the help they need and make a difference in their lives.”

Both because of her job and outside of it, McCoy spends a lot of time working with area non-profits.

She is a mentor with Volunteers for Youth

“It’s something that I wanted to do for quite some time, but everything in my life hadn’t really come together,” McCoy said. “There are so many young people in our community who just need an extra person to be in their lives and be there for them.”

Volunteers for Youth pairs one adult mentor with one or two children at Rogers County schools who would benefit from a friend and role model, and they meet regularly throughout the school year.

“By being an influence in their life, maybe I can change the direction that they’re going in and hopefully let them know that they are cared for,” McCoy said.

McCoy serves on the board for Volunteers for Youth, Habitat for Humanity, Musician’s Haven and Claremore Collective. McCoy is also a volunteer coach for the Claremore Optimist Basketball League.

On the weekends, McCoy likes to get outdoors, going for bike rides or hiking area nature preserves.

“There is a sense of peacefulness to being outside, so I try to be outside as much as I can,” McCoy said. “There are so many beautiful areas in Oklahoma that I don’t think a lot of people know about.”

She also likes to travel and spend time with family.

Her work, her volunteerism and her hobbies all reflect her upbringing, and her true passion. That passion is, McCoy said, “being someone that makes a difference in their community and in the lives of others.”

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