Know Your Neighbor: Steven Anderson

Claremore resident Steven Anderson identifies himself by three main characteristics.

He is a man of God, a business owner, and single father of a handsome 7-year-old boy.

“My son’s name is Easton, and he is the first draft pick of the 2032 MLB draft,” Anderson said, with a laugh. “He has a heart of gold.”

Anderson grew up in Mustang, Okla., a suburb of Oklahoma City. Anderson has played baseball since he was little, and got a scholarship to Connors to play.

At Connors, Anderson met his son’s mom. Years later, they reconnected.

Anderson left Connors and continued his degree at Texas A&M, where he tore up his shoulder and was forced to quit the sport.

Anderson got a degree in radio and television. He went into the news business at first, but then was presented with the opportunity to lend his skill to feature films.

Anderson assisted with special effects on Shrek, Open Season, Toy Story and Sin City while working with Reel FX in Dallas.

Anderson moved back to Oklahoma when his younger brother went to college, and began working at an e-learning company that taught people to use the special effects tools he used at Reel FX.

However, after three years, the e-learning company was bought out.

“I had the artists, and I had the people around me to start my own company, so I took off and ran with it,” Anderson said.

Anderson Studios was founded in August, 2013.

His studio works with several businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Tampa, Florida, to help tell their stories. He also works with clients in Texas and Kansas.

“Since I started my business, every quarter we’ve done a charity,” Anderson said, listing several that have received pro-bono promotional assistance. “By chance, I guess God put it there, I did some work for Light of Hope, and we have used them as our charity every quarter since.”

“They are salt-of-the-earth people, and they are doing cool stuff for the community,” Anderson said.

Outside of the free promotional work, Anderson has started volunteering with Light of Hope with their food pantry and Mercy Chef’s partnership.

“They have a genuine giving heart, and the things they do for the people they come in contact with is straight from God,” Anderson said.

Anderson said he is passionate about his work, both paid and pro-bono, “because we get to tell a story. We help people get their brand and product out to the masses. On social media, anyone can take a picture and post it. What we do with videography is tell a story.”

For a few years Anderson Studios was based in Inola where he and his girlfriend raised their son.

After their break-up, Anderson moved to Claremore so he could stay close to his son.

“He is my strength. It’s not easy being a single father,” Anderson said. “All of my family is at least a two hour drive away. I’m here to be close to him, to be a dad. He is my strength. He is what I wake up for every day.”

Anderson said his faith and his love for his son are his guiding stars for both his business and personal life.

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