Last call for Veterans Day Parade entries

ROM THE ARCHIVE: Nov. 2016, Lucas Shearer brought his daughter Ellie to the Veterans Day Parade.

Veterans and supporters from all over Green Country will be gathering Monday, November 11, for the annual Claremore Veterans Day Parade.

Set to kick off at 11:11 a.m., the parade starts at the Claremore Expo Center parking lot.

Deadline for the applications is this Thursday, October 31. They are available online at, as well as other information regarding the parade.

Parade order numbers will be emailed out November 2.

“We are looking forward to a great parade this year,” stated J.R. Hooper VFW Commander Bill Richey.

“Last year’s frigid temperatures forced a last-minute cancellation, the bands were the first to cancel as the horn players’ lips would have frozen to their horns,” chuckled Richey.

The planners are praying for warm temperatures this year.

The committee chairman Wayne McCombs mentioned that everyone is excited to be a part of this year’s parade. “We have Lewie Shaw as the parade Grand Marshal, who is a Marine with service in the Pacific during World War II.”

In his 90s, Lewie can still do pullups and will be in uniform.

All entries received by October 31 will be announced as they come by the two announcing stands.

Those who do not get their entries in by the deadline may not be announced and will be placed at the end of the parade in the order they arrive.

Applications may be emailed to or faxed to the VFW at 918-341-5730. They can also be delivered to the Gun Museum, MMS Payne Funeral Home or the VFW on Dupont in Claremore.

Call Candy Richey at 918-829-9668 if you have questions.

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