100 days

To mark the 100th day of school on Friday, Legacy Christian School lower elementary students participated in a dress up day and special activities.

Kindergarten, first, and second graders dressed like 100 year old people as part of their celebration. Activities varied for each class, and included bringing 100 items for Show and Tell, stacking 100 cups, licking Tootsie Pops 100 times, making 100 with their bodies, making necklaces from 100 beads or Fruit Loops, making 100 finger prints, working 100 piece puzzles, estimating and measuring 100 feet, making 100th day trail mix, and eating snacks in the shape of 100.

Pictured are second graders from Mrs. Lisa Lippert's class: Jolie White, Marley Riggs, Brentley Cantwell, and Elsa Louderback.

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