Library implements  new safety measures

Summer Reading is wrapping up at the Will Rogers Library! "It's certainly been a new adventure this year, taking the Summer Reading Program online," said Library Director Sherry Beach. "We want to thank all the kids and teens that went on this adventure with us!" Over 1,000 reading hours (64,404 reading minutes!) were logged by summer readers, and the library plans to use that number as the goal to beat next summer. "Hopefully next summer will look a little more traditional again, but we’ll continue to use Beanstack as we've received some great feedback on it. People loved the activities and versatility of being able to access the full Summer Reading Program online this year." The Library will be developing other programs throughout the year using Beanstack as well, so watch for more fun reading opportunities for all ages!

As we approach the upcoming school year, the library would like to remind parents and students that while the Will Rogers Library has been a regular after-school destination for many students, under the current pandemic response guidelines many services and availabilities have changed. Specifically:

• Library occupancy is limited to 10 persons at a time.

• Visits are limited to 30 minutes maximum.

•  Due to the time and occupancy limits, tutoring services, teaching sessions, consultations etc. are not possible at this time.

• Computers are limited due to physical distancing requirements, and thus are available by reservation/appointment only.

•  Children under 18 may not reserve computers. An adult may reserve computer use for a child, however the adult will need to remain with the child at the computer for the duration of use.

• The “no lingering outside the library” policy implemented last year will continue to be strongly enforced this year.

• Masks are required at all times in the library for any person over 2 years of age.

Unfortunately, because of our current parameters this year we are urging parents to not use the library as a place to pick up children after school. Due to occupancy limits all kids may not be able to come inside right away; and of course for the last few years due to ongoing problems like fighting on the library grounds and vandalism, we have had to stop allowing kids to wait outside (unless they are specifically waiting in line to come in). If children can’t be picked up from the school directly, this year they will need to make sure they have other arrangements in place" said Beach.

"We want to be clear - we absolutely want students to continue to use the library and get any library materials they may need!" said Beach. "Everyone can continue to come in and check out items, including after school. Access is simply limited for everyone right now, as we can't safely accommodate people of any age gathering purely socially at the library at this time."

To assist families and students studying at school or remotely during this school year, the library continues to offer:

•  Free WiFi available inside and in the parking lot, 24/7.

•  Lobby Pickup Service. Requests may be made by phone at 918-341-1564, or email at, to request items and schedule a time for pickup. Please allow up to 48 hours for the library to fill your requests.

•  A temporary E-card that will allow parents and students to access the many online resources available with a Library Card. Please call to apply for an E-Card.

More detailed information can be found on the library's website at

www.willrogerslibrary.orgunder the link “School Year Information For Parents.”

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