Little library, big impact

Little libraries break down the physical and financial barriers that stand between young minds and a lifetime of learning.

Come out and enjoy the Little Free Library in Claremore.

More than 70,000 book houses have popped up around the world, and we are proud to announce the newest addition to that network in our town. The idea behind the community libraries is to encourage reading and fellowship at friendly locations. Just look for the little white and blue wooden schoolhouse!

Our motto is: “Take a book, leave a book, enjoy one while you’re here.”

The little library is conveniently located outside of LH Southern Snoballs in the parking lot of Hoover’s Mall and can be accessed 24/7. With picnic tables and a porch swing, kids and adults alike are already enjoying the books and conversation while munching on refreshing sno cones.

Literacy rates in Oklahoma remain below the national average, and this shortcoming contributes to Oklahoma’s education rank of 48th in the nation, according to Education Week. Though the library is a small drop in the pond, if it impacts just one person, the ripple effect can spread far and wide.

Claremore’s Little Library will stock a variety of books, from Children’s short stories to Spanish novels and everything in between. Come see what’s in store— there’s something for everyone. To help our community flourish through education, please drop off any books you’d like others to read. Consider this your community-wide book club!

Happy reading.

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