In less than 72 hours a new, interactive mural was completed in Claremore.

Internationally-known mural artist Kelsey Montague was commissioned to create a piece on the side of the Spectrum Paint building. While the art is brand new it contains some elements Claremore residents will find familiar.

"Items featured within the tree: a Claremore zebra, Will Rogers' hat and rope, a fox and an eagle (two animals we love seeing at Claremore Lake. And we also have a Sequoyah eagle in our family) and, of course, a paint can and brush," Spectrum Paint explained.

Wednesday, Montague took a break to talk about the project.

"I'm super excited to be here in Claremore…this is my first time creating a mural in Oklahoma. Spectrum Paint has been a dream client to work with. I love that they commissioned something that was really organic and interactive and whimsical, something that represents growth, something new, something alive.

I love that it's a family business. I also work as a family business with my sister. And as an artist paint is really important so this is an amazing project to work on," Montague said. "I do interactive art murals all over the world and inspire people to step into the art and be part of it. ..It's really cool to be able to do this piece. I've loved getting to know the city and being part of something hopefully the community loves, takes ownership of and has a lot of fun with."

About the completed work, the Spectrum staff said: "Our hope is that this mural inspires people from all over to come to Claremore Main Street to see the mural and stay to shop and eat at the amazing businesses here.

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