Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Meet Jax, Randle and Faith, all available for adoption at the Claremore Animal Shelter today. Jax is a 7-month-old peach colored kitten who is extremely playful and would love someone to share toys with. Randle, a.k.a. Randie, is a playful and energetic terrier mix, perfect for someone with a home with space to run. Faith is a 2-year-old Torte who is laid-back and quiet, making a perfect companion for someone who likes to relax at home. Contact the shelter at 918-341-1260 or visit them during regular hours of operation at 815 Ramm Road to adopt any of these cuddly critters.

Today is national Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and boy are you in luck.

Currently, 10 dogs and seven cats are patiently awaiting adoption at the Claremore Animal Shelter.

Why shelter pets?

“These animals are super sweet and and loving,” said Claremore Animal Control Supervisor Jean Hurst.

“They are all super appreciative because they know they are being rescued,” Claremore Animal Control Officer Rocky Armbrister said in agreement.

Despite some common misconceptions, shelter dogs are just as easy to train as other dogs. Some are already house-broken and crate-trained.

“And because most are mixed breeds, you get all the best qualities and don’t have to worry about in-bred genetic diseases,” Hurst said.

The shelter does not adopt out aggressive, sick, injured or nuisance animals.

For those considering a shelter adoption, find adoption information, rules for pet owners in city limits, and other ways to support the Claremore Animal Shelter below.


If an adoptable animal is not claimed by an owner after being in the shelter for three days during they are put up for adoption to the public.

The shelter encourages people to take their time to make sure a pet is right for their family as all adoptions are final.

There is some cost involved. Kitten adoptions are $65. Adult cat adoptions are $70. Canine adoptions are organized by size, with dogs under 20 pounds costing $70, dogs between 21-40 pounds costing $80 and dogs over 40 pounds costing $90.

The fee includes the spay/neuter of the animal, one booster shot, one de-worming and one rabies vaccination.

Microchipping a pet can also be done for $10 with a shelter adoption or $20 with walk-ins.


Pet owners in Claremore City Limits are required by ordinance to have their pet licensed. Licenses are available for purchase at the Claremore Animal Shelter at 815 Ramm Road with proof of current rabies vaccination.

License fees are $5 for each dog or cat that has been spayed or neutered with proof of sterilization from a veterinarian or $20 for each dog or cat that has not been spayed or neutered with an intact permit.

City ordinance allows for five pets per household, no more than three of which can be dogs.

Vendors and breeders may apply for a commercial animal establishment permit.

Hobbyist exemption permits are available for pet owners who have more than five specialized animals such as hunting, service or rescuers.

City ordinances also prohibit animals from running at large within the city. Owners and handlers can be and are fined for allowing animals of any kind to run loose.

Per state law, any mistreatment of an animal or failure to provide food,water and shelter for an animal is a misdemeanor and can result in jail time.


Claremore Animal Control strongly urges pet owners to have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered.

Pets that are spayed or neutered remain healthier and are less likely to roam, animal control officers said.

If you take home an animal from the shelter, spaying or neutering is covered in the adoption fee. If you did not adopt your pet from the shelter, there are many local veterinarians who perform the surgeries.

The Claremore Animal Shelter partners with a local veterinarian for a low income spay/neuter program. Those with a verifiable household income under $40,000 can get spay/neuter, rabies vaccination and de-worming services for $55 for dogs and $45 for cats.


If you would like to help out the animals in your area, Claremore Animal Control is looking for people to help bathe, walk and exercise the animals, as well as assist in adoption events, shelter activities and public outreach. The minimum age requirement is 17 years of age.

Those interested in becoming an animal control volunteer should fill out the volunteer application at, have it notarized and return it in person to Animal Control at 815 Ramm Road.