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Today is National Coffee Day and in honor of the day, Green Eyes Coffee has answered a common question regarding light and dark roast coffee.

"We get asked this quite often, or people go ahead and order dark roast coffee because they believe it is more caffeinated. But is this myth true? Well yes, but no.

Green Coffee is filled with moisture, acids, and other substances (like caffeine). As coffee gets roasted, the moisture and other substances begin to burn away. The longer the coffee is roasted, the more initial substances are lost. Caffeine,however, is very resistant to the roasting process and it’s initial weight stays more/less the same regardless of roast-time!

So What does this mean?

Caffeine averages 1.2% of total green coffee weight. But as the roasting process occurs, that percentage goes up because other substances are being lost.

So regardless of roast the content is the same, but since darker roasts burn away away more of the other substances that make up the coffee bean, the percentage is higher!

So you can enjoy any roast and still get that caffeine kick to get you through your day!"

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