New firearm history exhibit at J.M. Davis

Jason Schubert, curator at J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum welcomes the community to check out the new firearm history exhibit.

Revolver innovation during the middle of the 1800s was greatly hindered by an important patent. Rollin White held the patent on the bored through revolver cylinder, and Smith & Wesson held exclusive rights to use White’s patent. As self-contained cartridges became the next great step in firearm evolution, the most logical way of loading a revolver was from the back. But that involved a bored through cylinder.

A new temporary exhibit at the J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum shows how other inventors worked to create a revolver that used self-contained cartridges but did not infringe upon Rollin White’s patent. Come find out how White defended his patent rights, how Colt Firearms was involved, and how the U.S. president, congress, and military got involved.

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