New store helps Claremore stay Klassy

Klassy Girl Boutique, an online business out of Chelsea, opened a brick and mortar store at Lynn Riggs Blvd and Blue Starr Drive Sept. 15.

Klassy owner Michelle Williams described their brand as, “modest apparel.”

The business sells dresses and skirts below the knee all sleeves below the elbow.

“We try to keep it modern,” Williams said.

The choice of modest fashions is inspired by William’s religion.

“We’re just trying to encourage people that it is classy to be modest. You don’t have to look frumpy to be modest. You can still look fashionable and modern,” she said.

Klassy started 5 years ago as an online business, with clothing stored in a portable building off to the side of Williams’s house.

“My husband had a back injury and was out of work for almost two years,” Williams said, explaining how the business came into being. “I had just had a baby, two weeks before he hurt his back. I decided I needed to do something. I didn’t really want to go out and hold a job because he couldn’t really take care of the kids with his injury. And baby sitting, if I paid for that I might as well not even work.”

“So I started out on Ebay selling stuff, like things around the house. That took off well, so I started buying stuff at thrift stores and Goodwill that were name brand that I thought would sell well. That’s how I got started.”

After a while she decided to go wholesale with clothing vendors she admired. Bursting out of the seems they moved to a warehouse in Chelsea.

Ebay fizzled out, so they opened their own website and made a presence for themselves on Instagram and Facebook.

“We have over 90,000 followers across our social media now,” Williams said.

The warehouse they were using was sold to a church, so Williams decided to move her business to Claremore, where they already had a sizable customer base from a booth at the GrapeVine, and open a physical store.

They also opened a storefront on The Landing in Branson, Missouri.

Online they can ship anywhere in the U.S.

With two stores and 10 employees, the business is only beginning to grow, with plans for much more.

“We’d like to see more store locations in other places. Gradually opening more stores and maybe franchising. We aren’t sure where God’s going to take us,” Williams said.

To potential customers in Claremore Williams said, “We have really cute stuff, so come shop. And we hope you’ll give us a chance here.”