Night Timers OHCE host workshop making mastectomy pillows for breast cancer patients

Night Timers Dee Childers and Virginia Ashbrook demonstrate how to make mastectomy pillows.

Night Timers OHCE group from Rogers County hosted a workshop on Thursday, April 25th to make mastectomy pillows for breast cancer patients. Joining the half dozen ladies from Night Timers club were members from Oowalla and Holiday Hills plus the RoCo Educator from the OSU Extension office, Penny King.

The heart shaped pillows provide under arm comfort after surgery for those that receive them. Brightly colored pre-washed cotton fabric is used in the outer layer that is then stuffed with soft padding such as fiber fill. The pillows are crafted by OHCE groups across the state as a friendly competition project. In 2018 the newest group to join, Logan County won with a total of 300 pillows. Rogers County is well on the way for 2019 with over one/forth of that number collected at this workshop. This includes unfinished pillows members took home to complete.

Some members brought fabric, some came with filling, and others with sewing machines. Pins and needles, thread, scissors and paper patterns set the stage for the assembly line process. The three hour workshop was active with chatter while they stitched, stuffed, and fluffed each pillow, making each special for the receiver.

Workdays are held throughout the year, sometimes making things to keep, but mostly making to give. Pillowcases for children, cards with treats for veterans and nursing home residents, are just a few of the recent projects. In May Bowl Buddies will be made with each maker controlling the destination of their creation.

Night Timers members attending were Evelyn Adams, Martha Andrews, Phyllis Armstrong, Virginia Ashbrook, Dee Childers, and Cheryl Ragan. Euvah Bryant and Carolyn Dormier represented Holiday Hills, with Marcia Bacon and Connie Wells from Oowala.

Fifty to seventy-five or more pillows will be donated locally to the new Cancer Center in Claremore.