Officer happens upon motorcycle wreck, goes above and beyond

After receiving aid from him during a motorcycle wreck, Chris Bennett recently received a surprise visit from Claremore’s Officer Eli Vang.

It was business as usual for Claremore police officer Eli Vang.

Vang was driving to work his scheduled shift, like any other day, when he came across a motorcycle wreck.

The wreck was outside of CPD's jurisdiction but that didn't stop Vang from jumping into action.

"The man on the motorcycle, Christopher Bennett, had severe injuries to his arm, and Officer Vang quickly put a tourniquet on the injured arm and stopped the bleeding. The wounded man’s wife contacted the chief of police and expressed gratitude for officer Vang and credited him with saving her husband’s life," CPD shared. "Officer Vang received training while at the Claremore Police Department for these events and currently trains our new officers in these life-saving techniques. The men and women of the Claremore Police Department are highly trained and stand ready to protect and serve our citizens with professionalism and honor."

Bennett was recently released from the hospital and received a surprised visit from Vang, who wanted to check on him and make sure he was doing okay.

"I have been in contact with the Bennett's after the accident to check on Christopher. The conversations that we shared on the scene and after, I could see that they were a strong, loving family and just good people," Vang told the Progress.

"Speaking with him after he was released, he looked at this and understood that things happen for a reason and he was excited to see what God had in store for him. He wasn't discouraged by the injury and the amputation, he embraced it," Vang said. "Christopher told me on the phone he remembered seeing the blades of grass around him, seeing my figure in a blue uniform with a shiny badge. He told me he could hear me yelling to keep calm and to breathe—that in itself was strong. His last memory of the accident, those few seconds that changed his life forever, he remembered me. I couldn't wait to meet him."

Vang said he stopped by to see Christopher Bennett on his way into work one day this week.

"Christopher's wife answered my knock at the door and the initial confusion and wide-eyed surprise she gave me was priceless. It was an amazing feeling to see the smiles on their faces and to finally meet them," Vang said. "Then to see how well Christopher was doing and how well he was handling it simply blew my mind....I'm grateful I was able to help him."

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