A pilot program could put more Pelivan buses on Claremore streets for the benefit of college students.

Stacey Dowden, of Grand Gateway, said currently Pelivan keeps six buses active in Claremore, four that remain local and two that are willing to take passengers out of the county, like for trips to the VA or a doctor's appointment in Tulsa.

She said the contract being renewed between the city of Claremore and Grand Gateway, for Pelivan services, has remained mostly the same for the past 13 to 14 years.

The price, which is set not to exceed $95,000 for this fiscal year, is unchanged from last year, she said.

"The only difference in this year's contract is an on demand app, like Uber," Dowden said. "to get college kids some transportation."

She said the program is grant funded and would designate three additional buses for this purpose.

She said it's a pilot program and that no real start date has been determined.