Pocahontas Club receives Cherokee Nation donation

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Councilors Keith Austin and Shawn Crittenden present a check to Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club President Vicki Baker.

Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club has accepted the mantle as “caretakers of our culture, our heritage and our communities,” said Vicki Baker, president. “A $7,500 gift from the Cherokee Nation will allow the organization to assist in programs for youth, elders, those in need and to share Cherokee culture,” Baker said.

“We are truly blessed to have the support of our Principal Chief Chuck HoskinJr. and our District 14 Councilor Keith Austin,” she added.

The donation was announced at the Club’s annual tribute to Will Rogers at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum and presented by Principal Chief Hoskin, accompanied by Councilors Austin and District 8 Councilor Shawn Crittenden.

“For more than 120 years, the Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club has kept the Cherokee spirit, traditions and stories alive,” Chief Hoskin said. “The groups work memorializing figures in Cherokee history, such as Will Rogers, keeps our connections to Cherokee history and heritage alive and well. I’m proud of Cherokee Nation’s partnership with this fine organization.

Founded June 29, 1899, he group originally organized as a neighborhood social group in Oowala Indian Territory, Cooweescoowee District of the Cherokee Nation. It has grown to include Indian women from many areas of the United States.

In addition to regular monthly meetings, they have traditionally sponsored a Founders Day Historic Tour, family and friends picnic gathering at the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch, the Will Rogers Memorial program in the month of his birth, wild onion dinner, and Grandmother-Granddaughter Tea, a college scholarship fund-raiser.

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