Parents who are struggling to regain authority in their relationships with their children may benefit from a free class offered by Rogers County Youth Services this month.

Through the “Love and Logic Parenting Class,” Scott and Trish Newton provide proven techniques to help raise your children by giving them choices and logical consequences

“Instead of getting angry and acting emotionally to what your kids are doing, you give them a choice,” RCYS Executive Director Herb McSpadden said. “By allowing them to choose on their own and deal with the natural consequences, they learn to make better choices.”

The goal of the class is to reduce the stress and tension in families by putting the parent back in control without yelling, shouting or having the kid physically scared or traumatized.

“This class is about role-modeling how to make decisions without arguments,” McSpadden said.

The teachers of this class have two grown kids as well as one in high school and one in junior high so they can offer mom and dad perspectives and real advice because they’ve been through it themselves.

There is no charge for the classes, but registration is required.

Classes are Friday, Aug. 16 and Friday, Aug. 23, 5:30 p.m. at the Rogers County Youth Services building, 1820 N. Sioux Ave.

Call to reserve your spot at 918-341-7580 ext. 116.