“Real Rocketman” exhibit inspires hope, awe

Allow yourself to be transported to another time and place with the new "The Real Rocketman" exhibit.

The show opened Thursday night at the Gary Moeller Gallery of the Art in Rogers State University's Baird Hall.

The show features the pottery of artist Chico Seay.

In his artist's statement, Seay wrote, "When I grew up in the sixties it was heady times; we made the commitment to go to the moon. We were also under a very real existential threat of cold war. Both concepts carried with it the rocket."

He added, "From the silent movie classic 'LaVoyage Dans la Lun (A Trip to the Moon) by Georges Melies (1902) to Buck Rogers to even today's filmography, the rocket form became the icon for ideas about our future, and our origins as well. It captured our imagination and provided us both hope and awe.

His creations, cast in clay, represent a dichotomy—a primitive form and medium depicting futuristic exploration.

This exhibit, which is RSU's first fine arts exhibit of 2020, will be on display through Feb. 13.

RSU staff says, "If you are a fan of the new space program, ceramics, sculpture, rockets, fanciful art,…this is the show for you."

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