RoCo Election Board: We’re still open

The Rogers County Election Board is under construction. Among other improvements, the building will be ADA compliant.

It's under construction, but the Rogers County Election Board is still open.

The front of the building is blocked off but Election Board Secretary Julie Dermody said they are still open for business.

"Anyone coming to register to vote, change their registration, request absentee ballots, etc., should plan to enter through the east door," said Dermody.

About the construction

Designs are in the works for a re-model to take place at the Rogers County Election Board.

"We are re-designing the election board to better facilitate social distancing with one way traffic in and one way traffic out. There's a lot of challenges with an existing building," said Commissioner Ron Burrows. "The goal was, if we 're going to do work at the election board, which I hope we are, it has to be completed before the general election."

Election Board Secretary Julie Dermody said she's excited to see the improvements.

"There are several needs. Number one, the entering and exiting process, and having some space between voters as they come in and go out. We need an in door and an out door. That's the biggest need to keep that separation," said Dermody.

She said other improvement will be to move a wall approximately eight feet to make the lobby area larger.

"We can have two sliding doors for enter and exit, so it's COVID-ready but also touchless so it's ADA compliant," Dermody said. "It's killing two birds with one stone."

She said the front of the building will also be renovated to become ADA compliant.

"The front counter will be extended, allowing more room for sneeze guards," Dermody said.

She said the design is in the works and will be pending commissioner approval.

"I'm excited that they're taking steps to make it safer for our voters," Dermody said. "I think that's really important."

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