RoCo families, meet your new Girl Friday, Hollyworks & Co.

Around Oologah, Holly Baker is a well-known face.

She’s a public official who proves her devotion to service not only through performing her elected duties, but through being an active volunteer and neighbor.

Her new business, which launched over Labor Day weekend, is an extension of that passion.

Hollyworks & Co. is most concisely described as a personal assistant and concierge service for individuals and families.

With a list of services a mile long, the real purpose of the business, Baker said, is to give people more control over their time.

“People need time. That’s what my business provides,” Baker said. “We’re not selling a singular service. We’re providing time so that people can do the things that are more important to them, so they can spend time with their families and have peace of mind.”

Hollyworks provides everyday services for the everyday person.

“We’re focusing on the community,” Baker said, “the everyday person who just doesn’t have enough time in a day to get everything done that needs to be done.”

Potential services include, but are in no way limited to: grocery shopping, light housekeeping, helping prepare meals in-home, wrapping gifts, shopping for birthday parties, planning dinners, errands to the post office or dry cleaner, new parent support, recuperation services following medical procedures, and non-medical assistance for senior citizens.

“Regular, day-to-day functions of life that people need some short-term support with,” Baker said.

When it comes to work with senior citizens or those recuperating from surgery, Baker said, “we’re looking to pick up where home health care drops off.”

While less the goal of the company, Hollyworks is also on hand to provide small business support, virtual assistance and courier service.

Services are available within the city limits of Claremore, Owasso and Collinsville and throughout the rural areas of Northeast Rogers County, including Oologah and Talala.

“Over the last decade, through volunteering or just being involved, I’ve realized the need across the board in areas like this,” Baker said. “These are not urban areas, but people aren’t any less busy.”

“To have these types of services here, people have to go through more specialized contractors,” Baker said. “There is no one-stop shop where you can say ‘I’ve got four things that need to be taken care of and they are going to take two or three hours, but I don’t have time to do them.’”

Services like the kind Baker is providing exist in the Tulsa Metro area, but many refuse to work outside of Tulsa County, or charge hefty mileage costs to do so.

“When looking for someone who might be able to help someone on the other side of Talala for a reasonable rate, it’s just not there,” Baker said.

Hollyworks is the first of its kind in Rogers County, geared toward individuals and families rather than businesses.

With the help of her daughter, Avery Painter, a registered nurse who works weekends at an area hospital, Hollyworks is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment on Saturday, with additional fees for after hours, holiday and urgent services.

Unlike other services of this kind, Hollyworks does not charge mileage for any errands run within a 15-mile service area of the client or count drive-time towards the time towards the customer’s billed time.

The service is fully-insured and Baker is offering a free in-person consultation as well as discounts for active duty military, veterans and senior citizens.

“I hated to see that people needed all of these little things that weren’t a big deal … but they were going to have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get these things done and have two, three or four people in and out of their house to make it happen,” Baker said. “Real life can’t be bundled up in nice little packages of single services. It’s full of tedious and time consuming things.”

“We live in this world where I take care of me and my own. It’s not until you really hit that wall where you realize, ‘man, I need help,’” Baker said. “It’s a lot easier to pick up the phone and call somebody you don’t know and say ‘hey, I need some help,’ than it is to call somebody that you know is just as busy as you are and ask them to work it into their schedule.”

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