RSU Instructor retires after more than 20 years

The annual Thanksgiving potluck hosted by the Emergency Services Student Association at Rogers State University was a little bitter-sweet this year as current and former students and colleagues celebrated the retirement of much beloved and long-time EMT Instructor Clem Ohman.

Ohman graduated from RSU himself, and worked as a paramedic for 26 years before returning to RSU to fill a teaching position.

Several students in the room spoke amongst themselves of how Ohman helped them succeed in school and find the passion to pursue their career afterwards.

“If it wasn’t for Clem and this program, I wouldn’t have continued my career or gotten back on track towards my professional goals as a firefighter paramedic,” said one student who is currently employed with the Claremore Fire Department. “I think every student in this program has a great appreciation for Clem and for being in here and getting that learning, experience and knowledge we know we wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

Many of Ohman’s students have gone on to save lives as nurses, paramedics and firefighters.