Safenet shares healthy dating tips in summer course

Safenet's healthy dating class is back after being met with enthusiastic response last summer.

Safenet's SEM Specialist, Kasi VanSandt, will be teaching a free healthy dating class at the Claremore Community Center next month using the SafeDates Curriculum.

"This information is extremely important to kids of all ages, especially to preteens and teens. The reality of it is 1 in 3 kids will experience some form of abuse in their romantic relationships each year. This is about 1.5 million teens each year. The research shows that kids that have been through a healthy relationships course are more able to identify potentially abusive and harmful behaviors in their relationships. Not only do we talk about how to keep yourself safe, but we also talk about how to keep others safe as well," VanSandt said.

"Even if an individual may not experience it themselves, the likelihood that they will know someone that will is almost certain. Knowing how to help and be a positive, proactive bystander is the greatest responsibility that we all have as a community. This includes our teens and preteens."

The class is being offered for those 10-years or older, July 15-19, from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. at the Claremore Community Center. To pre-register, call Ron Paris, with the Claremore Parks & Recreation Department, at 918-342-2522 or email