Scouts first campout packs in tent safety lessons

Cub Scout Pack 141's first campout of the year is always at Claremore Happy Lake.

This year's camping excursion was full of safety tips and tricks.

"Eagle Scout William Schubert and Senior Patrol Leader Jack Reddin, both of Troop 828, taught Cub Scouts of Pack 141 and their families, how to put up tents and tent safety protocols Monday night at Claremore Happy Lake," said Terry Hancock, leader of Pack 141.

He said scouts were instructed on "not placing their tent any closer than 25-feet to a fire, how to use a tarp as a vapor barrier against ground moisture, to always camp with a camp buddy for security, to use a rain fly to protect from dew, moisture and rain, among other things.

"I am always surprised how many people don’t know. That is why we instruct the cub scouts as well as the parents or guardians," Hancock said. "We have a family camp out locally to show the parents what they normally forget to bring in respect to supplies, that way when we are camping somewhere remote, their first mistake in not bringing something has normally occurred during that initial camp out. "