Second Smash Brothers competition set

The age limit has been extended for the second Super Smash Brothers Video Game Competition Tuesday, Aug. 20 at Will Rogers Memorial Museum Theatre. Success of the first-ever video event has led to a second one open to ages 12 and up, including adults, according to Tad Jones, Museum director.

The game in the newly renovated Museum Theatre will be Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Switch. “Take on competitors on the big screen,” Jones said.

Competition is open to the first 32 registered and paid. Payment of $5 per competitor can be made at FTW Game Company in Claremore or Pryor or by credit card by clicking “Pay Here” button on under Smash Brothers ($5.25 if paid by credit card). Check-in is 6 p.m. at the Museum.

One Joy Con will be provided and used per participant. Each gamer will get at least four battles, three-game group stage and then an eight-person free for all. Prizes will be awarded 1-8th place.