In a county ripe with resources and non-profits, one new taskforce is aiming at bringing them all together.

The Rogers County Resource Alignment Taskforce, as presented by Crystal Campbell to the Rogers County Commissioners, has a simple goal: Getting the people who want to help to the people who need the help .

"What we've all noticed is that while the health department tells us we're about tenth as far as health goes, we know we have an abundance of hungry, homeless and those that need better shelter. And that's a small snippet of what we need here in Rogers County," Campbell said. "The sheriff's department can tell you that when they're on a call they come across a vast need and don't know who to call…With that in mind we decided to come together with our vast resources. We work better when we're aligned and communicating."

She said the taskforce will work together, "To serve individuals, children and families by aligning resources…we seek to serve the hungry, sick, imprisoned, addicted, lonely, struggling, hurting, in need and homeless and in doing so work with a positive, life changing movement for a better Rogers County."

By forming a taskforce, Campbell said, they hope to "empower those people out there who are already doing service so they can collectively work together and find ways to work more efficiently."

Campbell said this is not the creation of a new non-profit, rather they are champions of existing non-profits She added that it's all about open communication and effectively managing resources.

"Life changing, that's the key word. We don't want people to go back to the dark place where they were. Nobody should go through life feeling less than or alone, That's our purpose, to find people who don't feel loved, who need help in some way," she said.

Currently, taskforce members are: Edie Tolbert- Stonebrook Project, Nancy Phelps, Stonebrook Project and Light of Hope, Layla Freeman- Light of Hope, Kellie Guess-Rogers County Sheriff’s Officer Administration, Stephanie Kuykendall- Rogers County Youth Services, Misty Underwood- Compassion Women’s Center, Rhonda Bear-His House Ministries and Crystal Campbell.

Campbell said anyone interested in getting more information about the taskforce can contact any of these individuals or their organizations.