Rogers County Courthouse

Taxpayers should expect to get their tax statements after Thanksgiving this year.

This is according to Rogers County Treasurer Jason Carini who said there were two issues that delayed taxes this year.

“A couple entities did not get their budget submitted to the county as early as last year. The second delay occurred when other entities used preliminary valuation data to build their budgets. This caused our 15 day levy protest period to start over,” he said. “The entire budget process is like a train. When one car derails, it takes down the whole train.”

As a result of the delay, he said, the tax roll will not be certified to the Treasurer’s Office until Nov. 21.

“But once the tax roll is certified, we will be able to send out the tax statements,” he said.

 ”We are still planning to set up mobile payment offices throughout the county the first week of December. A flier is included with the tax statement and has more details.”

Anyone with questions is encouraged to call the treasurer’s office at 918-923-4797.