Writers welcome:  Local author hosts first of many writers’ group meetings

Poets, bloggers, screenwriters, novelists and short story writers welcome.

No matter the format, writing is done mostly in isolation—just a writer and their work. Inspiration, though, can be found in sharing experience.

Eleven-time published Author Amy Romine wants to create a space for writers to gather, to brainstorm, to vent, to educate and to generally lend support.

Romine describes herself as "a mother of three, a corporate professional and a published author" who recently moved to Oklahoma from Arlington, Texas in May of 2018.

"My hope for the group is to create a community of support and information for all authors," Romine said.

"Writing is not really a team sport, but there are some aspects that it can be. It takes a special kind of person to be able to sit in a room and pound out a hundred-thousand words to a novel. So, having the group of writers, a network of writers that you can turn to, talk to, or bounce ideas off lessens the isolation of being a writer."

Romine, a "romantic suspense" writer, says there's a lot writers can learn from each other.

"When I first got published I didn't know what I was doing and I'd love to be able to help writers who are looking to get published or just got published and assist them in growing their fan base and marketing and learning the trade," she said. "Publishing is a business, writing is an art, and mixing the two isn't always easy."

Roughly 20 writers of varied backgrounds have RSVPd to the group's first meet-up scheduled for Jan. 28 at Eggberts in Claremore.

To those interested in attending the inaugural meeting, Romine said, "Bring pen, paper or tablet (however you want to take notes). We will be starting with the Kernel Idea and then have an open discussion about the group and future discussion topics."

Writers interested in attending can send an RSVP email to Romine via email, amyromine@outlook.com, find all the information in the Meetup app or on the Writing Warriors-Claremore Facebook page.