Restaurant Week

The Chamber of Commerce's Restaurant Week begins on June 20 and ends June 26. Chamber president Barby Myers shares information about the event.

1. What is Restaurant Week?

Each participating restaurant is offering a “Chamber Meal Deal” during restaurant week. There will also be “Bingo” cards available for patrons – the bingo cards have the participating restaurants on the front, arranged like a bingo card, with the Chamber Meal Deals listed on the back. When visiting a restaurant, a patron can simply ask for a stamp on the bingo card – a patron does not have to order the Chamber Meal Deal to receive a stamp, just eating at the restaurant wins a stamp! When five stamps (in any order) are received, patrons can drop the bingo card at the Chamber for a chance to win prizes.

2. What restaurants are participating?

6:19 Nutrition, Bill & Ruth's, Billy Sims BBQ, Boom-a-rang Diner, Buddy's Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cherokee Casino Dog Iron Grill, Chick-fil-A, Da Vinci's, Doe's Eat Place, El Azteca (both locations), El Maguey, Front Porch Bakery, Hammett House, J. Farley's, Lyons Den, Main Street Tavern, Pizza Hut, Rib Crib, Smoke & Tonic, Spirits of 66, Subway (W. Will Rogers) and The Pink House are all offering a Chamber Meal Deal next week.

3. What is the goal of Restaurant Week?

The goal of restaurant week is to encourage people – both locals and visitors – to eat at our Claremore Chamber restaurants.

4. How did the idea for this event originate?

We have many Chamber members who are restaurants and since many of our traditional Chamber events occur during lunch or breakfast, often times, our restaurant owners and/or workers are unable to participate. We thought Restaurant Week would be the perfect way to involve them in a Chamber event while also promoting them and, most importantly, bringing them business. The Bingo cards are an additional incentive for people to go to more than one restaurant during the week with the possibility of winning a prize.

5. Why is it important to eat local?

It is always important to eat local and support local businesses – not just during Restaurant Week! We want our businesses to thrive and eating local (and shopping local) helps sustain them!

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