Claremore Police Department Captian Milburn Litterell shares how to enroll in the 13th Citizen's Police Academy.

1. What is the goal of the Citizen's Police Academy?

- We want to show the public what we do, how we do it and why we do it. The benefit for us is it makes the public more comfortable with their local law enforcement. It increases their level of understanding and if the public understands what we are doing and is more comfortable with us, it makes our job easier. The benefit to the public is they can trust us and become more comfortable with their law enforcement interactions.

2. What is the sign up process?

- Applications can be picked up at the Claremore Police Department. Applications are due back to the PD by Jan. 25. Citizens must be 21 or over and must pass a limited background check. The program is free and begins on Feb. 22 and continues every Tuesday night for eleven weeks. The classes are from 6:30 pm until 9:30 pm. CPD tries to limit the course to 20 participants to allow for more personal instruction.

3. Who is the Citizen's Academy for?

- Any citizens of Claremore over 21 are encouraged to participate. The class is for anyone looking to better understand the motivations of CPD, form a relationship with law enforcement or learn more about their community.

4. What is taught?

- The classes are split between lecture and hands-on instruction. Department history, criminal law and investigation, traffic investigation and enforcement, use of force, firearms training, patrol methods and community policing are all topics covered during the course of the program. Some topics are intense and stem from real interactions the Claremore Police Department has had. Participation is not required in all hands-on training. If one subject is too stressful for a participant, they have to option to sit back and observe.

5. What do you get for completion of the course? 

- The last session will include a dinner and graduation for all participants who completed the course. Attending every class is all that is required for completion of the course. Plaques will be handed out at the dinner and participants will be given another opportunity for one-on-one conversation with police officers.

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