No Shave November raises $14,349

Officer Matt Rice (right) was awarded the Best Beard title while Cpt. Milburn Litterell (left) was named as first runner up. They are pictured with Claremont Elementary School students who had a hand in voting for the title as part of Claremore Police Department’s No Shave November project.

The spirit of giving is alive and well in Claremore.

Police Chief Stan Brown said he couldn’t be more proud of both his officers and his community for the $14,349.07 raised to provide a gift for every child at Claremont Elementary School.

“I am proud of the Claremore police officers and the many generous donors who contributed to No Shave November,” Brown said. “Our officers were tireless in their efforts to provide a holiday gift to each of the students at Claremont.”

Each week in the month of November, officers had to “pay a fine” for the privilege of growing out their facial hair. Officers contributed from their own pockets and through donations made by the community.

“We are proud to announce we will also provide a collective gift to the staff and students to utilize for fun and education going forward this year and for years to come,” Brown said. “With the generosity of donors and the efforts of the officers we are excited that we can continue to build positive relationships with Claremont students.”

He said he hopes to see other companies and entities follow their lead and adopt a school to promote cheer and the Christmas spirit.

“You may never know the impact an act of kindness or sharing will have on a child,” Brown said. “but I am assured it will never be forgotten by that child, so let’s all pay it forward.”

The results

Capt Matt Wild raised $2,555.

Officer Don Thirion raised $2,250.

Officer Matt Rice was selected by the Claremont student body to have “Best Beard” He will get to wear his beard 1 more month and receive a half-day paid leave. Capt Litterell was first runner up.

Officer Eli Vang was chosen by Claremont students to have “Worst Beard” he will receive a half- day paid leave. Aaron Strohmeyer was first runner-up.

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