Claremore Director of Public Works Jill Ferenc clarified the city ordinances around political yard signs that have forced the city’s

code enforcement officers to be out on the streets all of Tuesday, pulling signs.

The first rule, “No politi- cal yard signs should be located on a public right-of- way or on city property,” Ferenc said. “A lot of times people don’t know exactly

wher their property line ends and where the right of way begins.”

Ferenc said one rule of thumb is that if there is a sidewalk, those are almost always in public right of way, so the sign needs to be inside the sidewalk closer to

the structure, not between the road and the sidewalk.

“Code enforcement is out right now because they got several calls about peo- ple having their signs in the public right-of-way,” Ferenc said. “Most of the day today our code enforcement offi-

cers will be picking up signs that are placed in the right of way, but even leading up to the day of the election offi- cers spend two hours a week picking up political signs.”

Further rules are that political signs must be removed within 30 days

after election day and for future reference, signs can only be put up within 60 days before an election. All the city ordinances related to political yard signs can be found online.