Chelsea Police Department

A home health worker in Chelsea has been arrested on allegations of elder abuse after allegedly giving a patient a dose of morphine without consent.

Chelsea Police Department has arrested Emily Hilliard on felony allegations.

The arrest came after a tip from a concerned co-worker who said Hilliard had told her “I’m not going to make [the patient] suffer no more tonight.”

The informant said when she arrived where Hilliard was working she noticed that Hilliard smelled like alcohol and made the comment “I’m not making her suffer no more. I gave her morphine.”

Hilliard reportedly told the patient, “Go ahead [patient], die. Squeeze my hand if you need some more morphine.”

Upon hearing this statement, the officer said he immediately requested medical first responders be in route to the patient’s residence in concern of a possible overdose.

The officer was reportedly told that there was four doses of morphine missing.

In speaking with Hilliard, officers noticed the odor of alcohol.

She reportedly told the officers that “I’m home healthcare...I’m not allowed to do medication. But she is in so much pain, I gave her a morphine injection.”

Hilliard was arrested on the allegations.

Officers report finding an empty 12-ounce can of Bud Light in her purse and another in the dog bed she had been carrying throughout the interaction. Hilliard reportedly declined to take a field sobriety test, according to officers.

Officers report that Hilliard said she only gave the patient one dose of morphine but at least two syringes were found in the residence.

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