A Chelsea man was booked into Rogers County Jail over the weekend for allegedly threatening to kill a woman with a butcher knife.

Samual Adam Urie, 43, was standing outside a second story apartment with a butcher knife in his right hand when police arrived on scene. This is according to Chelsea Police Department who reported that a female was on scene yelling "he is going to kill me."

"[Urie] came out of the room quickly and started down the stairs holding the knife still yelling 'shoot me.' I drew my firearm and ordered him to drop the knife," the officer on scene reported. "He stopped and stood still for a few seconds. We could both hear the deputies sirens getting close. He threw the knife into the parking lot."

Urie was then taken into custody.

Urie was arrested on multiple felony offenses: first degree burglary, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, domestic abuse/assault and battery and obstructing an officer in performance of his duties.

The charges were all filed after former felony conviction. Upon arrest, bond was set at $110,000.