Annie Says:   RBG notorious in any form

If you're wanting to read about the remarkable life of the Notorious RBG both of these are excellent choices. They're just in different formats. Becoming RBG is graphic novel.

Once upon a time I would have never considered reading a graphic novel. 'They're for kids' I thought. But then one summer my Library Thomas J. Harrison Pryor Public Library included Read a Graphic Novel in the Adult Summer Reading Challenge.

Librarians taught me that it's just another way of telling a story. Some people are also put off by the word Graphic. In this case it just means illustrated. Becoming RBG had this one illustration of a young Marty Ginsburg proposing to Ruth Bader. It just made your heart happy.

And speaking of Marty Ginsburg, when you raise a toast to RBG, drink to Marty too. In the Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg I learned that RBG always referred to Marty as her 'Life Partner'. Meaning "a marriage in which the woman didn't lose herself and her autonomy, in which two humans shared their lives and goals on equal footing." It s because of that partnership that RBG was able to fight the good fight.

Both books had good Biographies. Notorious RBG had more behind the scenes content. Things like her love of opera, friendship with Justice Scalia,and her push-up routine. It's full of pop culture memes and photos.

Perhaps you're thinking she was all about the feminist agenda. Did you know?

There was a time when men couldn't receive Social Security Parental or Survival Benefits because they weren't 'supposed' to be caregivers.

Women in the military were automatically discharged for being pregnant. The unspoken rule being abort your pregnancy or lose your job.

Who lead the legal battles for those things to change? The Notorious RBG. She fought for equality for all. She truly was a superhero in a judge's robe and a lace jabot.

Annie Earley is an avid reader, Jane Austen enthusiast, master gardener, and yoga student. She is a writer of lifestyle columns and book reviews for the Progress.

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